Jordynne Grace breaks silence after blockbuster Roxanne Perez confrontation on WWE NXT 

Roxanne Perez(left) and Jordynne Grace(right)
Roxanne Perez(left) and Jordynne Grace(right) [Images via Jordynn Grace's Instagram and WWE website]

TNA Knockouts World Champion Superstar Jordynne Grace recently took to her social media account to post her match announcement with current NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez.

On a recent episode of WWE NXT, Perez entered the ring and delivered a passionate speech about her dedication to the NXT Women’s Championship. She emphasized how she has always valued the title, viewing it as a symbol of her greatness. The 22-year-old also expressed frustration over the way she has to discover her next opponent at NXT Battleground.

Further to everyone's surprise, NXT General Manager Ava announced that Perez will face Jordynne Grace, the reigning TNA Knockouts World Champion, at the upcoming NXT Women's Championship match at Battleground in Las Vegas. She appeared on TV and confronted Perez, saying they built their momentum on TNA and NXT. Moreover, Jordynne hoped to come out of the PLE as a double champion.

After the announcement, Grace broke her silence on Twitter. She reshared her previous tweet, in which she promised WWE Universe a comeback in the near future.

"Told you," Grace wrote.

Jordynne Grace opened up on people's reaction to her appearance at the Royal Rumble

Jordynne Grace made her unexpected WWE debut at the 2024 Women's Royal Rumble. She lasted 19 minutes and 10 seconds in the squared circle and gave a stellar performance before being eliminated by Bianca Belair.

Opening up on Fightful, the superstar asserted that she did not reveal to anyone that she would appear in the Rumble. She added that although she didn't reveal it herself, the surprise somehow came out, and the crowd was shocked to see her in WWE.

"I didn't tell anybody, besides obviously like my husband, but I didn't tell any wrestlers because I was... I was so scared of like, anything getting out... which of course it did anyways, but it could have gotten a lot... you didn't do it, you didn't do it, but other people of course did it, ruining the surprise... you can't have surprises in pro wrestling anymore. But yeah, people were shocked."

It would be quite exciting to see if Grace can dethrone Perez and become a double champion at NXT Battleground.