JTG reveals why originally-planned Cryme Tyme reunion in 2019 didn't happen 

Cryme Tyme
Cryme Tyme
Rohit Nath
Modified 12 Aug 2020

Cryme Tyme could have potentially returned to WWE in 2019. Given the tragic circumstances that happened this year and the unexpected passing of the late, great Shad Gaspard, fans today would have loved to see Cryme Tyme make a return run, even if it was a relatively brief one.

On the latest edition of UnSKripted with Chris Featherstone, former Cryme Tyme member JTG appeared and had a great discussion about his WWE career and what's next for him.

JTG was asked about whether WWE ever got in touch with him and Shad Gaspard over a Cryme Tyme reunion. JTG revealed that Shad Gaspard and himself had a conversation backstage with the head of talent relations Mark Carano about a potential WWE return and discussed how the conversation went about:

"Last year after Survivor Series they were in Los Angeles, I went to RAW and then the day after they did SmackDown. I watched RAW in the audience. On Tuesday, Shad and I were backstage. I don't think they had seen us in a few years. The head of talent saw us and they said 'You guys are amazing. You guys stayed in shape. You guys stayed active'."

Ultimately, things didn't pan out, though WWE constantly kept the door open for Cryme Tyme's return to the ring.

So we talked and he said 'The door is always open here in WWE and we'd love to have you guys back. Send us a reel of all you've been doing on the independent scene and what you guys have been doing and what you guys have got going on'. Shad and I sent a reel and we didn't hear back from them. We saw them again at WrestleMania and they gave us the whole 'We'll get back to you guys, we've just been busy. Like we said, the door is always open. The fans would love a Cryme Tyme comeback'. It's just been up in the air from there

How would a Cryme Tyme reunion have played out?

It would have been interesting to see how WWE would have handled Cryme Tyme. Their overall run together didn't last that long pre-2010, but it's a different time. They would have likely been used as enhancement talent, but they would have still added a great presence to either tag team division.

Ultimately, it's always going to be a "what if" situation for WWE fans.

Published 12 Aug 2020
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