Kalisto reveals his honest thoughts on facing Rey Mysterio in WWE

Rey Mysterio in WWE
Rey Mysterio in WWE
Modified 01 Oct 2020

Kalisto is known for being one of the more prolific masked Superstars in WWE at the moment. Recognized as the leader of The Lucha House Party (although that position is in dispute of late), Kalisto has been one of the WWE Superstars who has made his name in the company. However, he has never faced the WWE masked legend Rey Mysterio.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio (h/t Wrestling Inc), Kalisto talked about the possibility of facing legendary luchadors in WWE so that he can become the best of all time. Kalisto talked about facing Rey Mysterio, who is seen as the most well-known luchador of the modern era of wrestling.

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Kalisto on facing Rey Mysterio in WWE

During his interview with Busted Open Radio, Kalisto said that he wanted to be the best luchador of all time in WWE.

"To me, my goal is to leave a legacy to be the best luchador of all time in WWE. That's my goal."

Kalisto acknowledged that to get there, he would have to face a WWE legend in the form of Rey Mysterio.

"It's a long road ahead, but I'm willing to do it. I'm willing to sacrifice and I'm willing to take it. That's even in life. I've been reading a lot too, so my mindset is different, my body is different, my attitude is different, my goals are different. Like I said, that's why I say I'm awake. I'm awake because I'm hungry. I'm hungry again. I wasn't hungry before. Now, I'm hungry and my goal is to be the best luchador of all time and beat that legacy and to face Rey Mysterio one day. That will be great. I've never been in the ring with him – ever been in the ring."

Kalisto went on to add that he and Rey Mysterio had crossed paths in WWE, but had never faced each other.

"So, to me, that's a good feeling in a way, because we keep crossing paths. But one day, we will meet. We will meet in that ring – best and the best. So, that's my goal too and, again, to leave my legacy as the best luchador of all time."
Published 01 Oct 2020
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