Kane recalls a hilarious driving incident with Paul Bearer

Kane (real name - Glenn Jacobs) as the WWE Champion, flanked by Paul Bearer
Kane (real name - Glenn Jacobs) as the WWE Champion, flanked by Paul Bearer

Former WWE superstar Kane recently appeared on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast and spoke of his former manager Paul Bearer.

Glenn Jacobs was ushered in WWE as Kane on the back of an amazing storyline with The Undertaker. Paul Bearer played an important role in the narrative between the two storyline brothers, often switching sides throughout his career.

Speaking with John Layfield and Gerald Brisco, Kane recalled it was in San Diego back in the day when Paul was sick and asked him to drive to the arena. WWE's Big Red Machine mentioned that he was wearing a ski mask and driving a red Cadillac.

Just as they were about to enter the arena, Paul Bearer pulled down the window and yelled, "It's a miracle, Kane can drive!"

Here's how Kane narrated the story:

β€œIt was in San Diego. Paul tells me that he's sick and he can't drive. So we rented a red Cadillac - that's really inconspicuous. So I've got my ski mask on and I'm driving and and Paul Bearer is hunched up against the window like he's sick. This was when business was super hot and we've got 10,000 people surrounding the ramp in the drive down." Kane continued, "So, I’m trying to hunch down, driving a red Cadillac wearing a ski mask, and all of a sudden Paul Bearer who had been deathly ill 30 seconds ago, rises up and he starts evangelizing to the crowd. He’s like, β€˜It’s a miracle, Kane can drive! Kane can drive!”

Kane shared why Paul Bearer did not talk to him for three days

Kane also detailed an incident when Paul Bearer was upset with him. He was supposed to pick up Paul one day, and the latter wanted to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Anaheim, California.

The former world champion recalled being stuck in traffic after training at Gold's gym and reaching late. Paul was so upset at not being able to go to the restaurant that he did not speak to Kane for three days.

It was only after Kane took him out to a nice steakhouse in Salt Lake City a few days later that the two started talking again.

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Edited by Kartik Arry
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