WWE personality has two-word response to Triple H being asked to replace commentator with her

Triple H
Triple H was named head of creative earlier this year

Kayla Braxton recently replied to a Twitter fan who requested Triple H to replace Corey Graves with her.

Kayla debuted in NXT in 2016 as a ring announcer. Since then, she has featured prominently in many backstage roles. The WWE personality has always been popular among fans for how she conducts herself during interviews, even when provoked.

However, the one role that has eluded her is a seat at the commentary table. One personality that has featured prominently in the position over the past few years is Corey Graves. However, the wrestler-turned-commentator isn't the most popular among the fans.

One fan even requested Triple H to replace Corey Graves with Kayla Braxton.

"@TripleH can we replace @WWEGraves for @KaylaBraxtonWWE ??? #WWERaw"

Kayla Braxton quickly asked the fan to untag her.

"Untag me."

Check out the tweets below:

Kayla Braxton later added another reply to the fan's request to Triple H

Kayla Braxton followed up her tweet with another, clarifying that commentary is one of the hardest jobs ever, and she doesn't possess the skill set required to perform commentary.

However, Braxton said she should be put at the desk if Triple H needs someone to "shoot off some great jokes."

"In all seriousness - commentary is one of the hardest jobs ever. I could never do it - I don’t have that skill set. Im very happy with the position I have [sic]. Now if they wanna throw me on the desk to shoot off some great jokes…," tweeted Braxton.

Check out the tweet below:

Will all the roles Braxton has portrayed over the years, it wouldn't be a surprise if WWE management asks her to take up commentary in the future.

Do you want to see Braxton at the commentary desk instead of Corey Graves? Let us know in the comments section below.

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