Keith Lee is being taken "down a few pegs" by WWE according to Vince Russo [Exclusive]

Keith Lee
Keith Lee

Keith Lee faced The Miz and John Morrison in a handicap match on RAW last night. Lee, who was a double champion in NXT, lost the match clean.

A report surfaced recently saying that Keith Lee and several other men on the main roster, including Otis and AJ Lee's bodyguard Omos, had been sent to the WWE Performance Center for further training.

Keith Lee's push has been put off on WWE RAW


Vince Russo discussed Keith Lee's loss on the latest edition of SK Wrestling's Legion of RAW. Russo said that Keith Lee losing on RAW last night could be because WWE wanted to take him down a few pegs:

Here's the fascinating thing to me. Okay? We read earlier in the week that Keith Lee was sent back to NXT for training during the week. So when I'm seeing Keith Lee get beat here, this is them taking Keith Lee down a few pegs. I know how it works - 'This guy thinks too highly of himself, let's take him down a few pegs'.

Vince Russo also added that Vince McMahon sending Keith Lee to the WWE PC for further training was a big indication that the Chairman does not watch the NXT product:

Here's my question. Think about this, for a second, which blows my mind. Now bro, when I worked with Vince, Vince did not watch ECW. Vince did not watch WCW. It was WWE 24X7. He never watched the competing product. I'm just getting blown away because now Vince is sending Keith Lee back to NXT because Vince is deeming that he's not ready. Okay so then my question is, then why was he brought up in the first place, which leads me to answer, Vince never saw him work in NXT. So I understand you don't watch ECW, NXT is the WWE bro, it ain't WCW. This is your minor league company. Bro, he's not watching it. For you to bring this guy up and deem he's not ready and he needs to go back down, you weren't watching him.

Keith Lee is a really talented performer. Let's hope this latest loss is a blip and we see big things for the former NXT Champion down the line.

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