Ken Anderson reveals details of recent backstage meeting with Randy Orton

Randy Orton and Ken Anderson.
Randy Orton and Ken Anderson.

Ken Anderson, popularly known as Mr. Kennedy from his time with the WWE, was a special guest on the latest edition of Sporstkeeda's UnSKripted Q&A series with Dr. Chris Featherstone. During the chat, Ken Anderson was first asked about whether the WWE had reached out to him regarding a return. He also addressed the question about his beef with Randy Orton.

The former WWE United States Champion said that the WWE had surprisingly never gotten back with regards to an opportunity for a comeback. Anderson, however, did reveal that he attended a WWE RAW show last year at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

"No. Nope. In fact, I didn't even, I didn't really even talk to, I still have friends that wrestle there, but I just went there this last year. WWE came to the Target Centre here; actually, it was the excel centre here in Saint Paul, and you know, I went down there and said hi to everybody, and that was the first time that I had talked to anybody within the company, in the office at least, since I left."

Ken Anderson on if there is still any heat with Randy Orton


Sportskeeda's very own Riju Dasgupta then asked Anderson on whether the Superstar still has any heat with Randy Orton. In case you may have forgotten, Ken Anderson was released from the WWE after Randy Orton allegedly complained to the WWE management about a botch.

Anderson and Orton, however, have thankfully buried the hatchet. The former WWE Superstar revealed that he doesn't have any beef with the Legend Killer. Anderson also revealed that when he went backstage on RAW last year, he even sat down and spoke to Randy Orton for thirty minutes in the hallway.

"No, not at all. Not at all. In fact, when I went backstage at RAW, I probably sat and talked to Randy for 30 minutes in the hallway. Yeah, everything is good."

The backstage beef between Randy Orton and Ken Anderson has been talked about for years, and it's great to see them share a positive relationship despite what happened nearly a decade ago.

Ken Anderson also opened up about the infamous Undertaker chair shot, how he has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, steroid usage in professional wrestling, his Impact Wrestling stint and much more during the latest edition of UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone.

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