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WWE/NJPW News: Kenny Omega says that he isn't headed to WWE anytime soon

Kenny Omega talks about the fantasy matchup between the Bullet Club and New Day.

Kenny Omega plays down a move to the WWE

NJPW Superstar Kenny Omega recently joined Ring Rust Radio for a non-televised interview, where he spoke about various topics such as staying in New Japan Pro Wrestling for the foreseeable future and a fantasy matchup between the New Day and Bullet Club.

He also spoke about creating his legacy for himself in Japan as well as about his upcoming IWGP Heavyweight Championship match against Okada at the Wrestle Kingdom 11 on January the 4th. Let us take a look at the interview, as it transpired.

The leader of the Bullet Club was questioned about following the footsteps of his predecessors (Finn Balor and AJ Styles) in making a transition to the paramount wrestling promotion WWE. Omega said that even though he would be excited about the opportunity, his priorities lied in building a legacy in Japan first and foremost.

He further conveyed his desire of becoming a top star in Japan:

“I'm really happy and proud of those guys, but I've always placed my priority on building a legacy in Japan first and foremost. AJ did a lot in a short time at New Japan.

Finn Balor was one of the mainstays of the junior division, but I do think that if he stayed he probably would have been a heavyweight draw as well. I feel like I don't want to leave something incomplete in Japan.”

Omega added that he loves the country and felt a sense of loyalty toward New Japan and its fans.

He also spoke about establishing his own route to the top of the wrestling industry, without mimicking the likes of Styles or Balor. Omega emphasised on staying ‘original’ and doing something that was never done before.

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Upon being asked for his thoughts regarding teaming up with the Young Bucks for a dream match against New Day, Omega said that it would be a treat for the fans across the globe.

The 33-year-old said that he would not only go to WWE for the match but would also love to have New Day come to New Japan in return; so that fans of both promotions would be able to see the differences in the product and the wrestlers.

“This is something that would cause pro wrestling to grow even more so as a whole. Not WWE, not New Japan; just pro wrestling.

Cool stuff like that just doesn't happen anymore. Everything is more predictable, in my opinion.”

Take a look at Kenny Omega taking a dig at New Day:

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