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WWE News: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall on why WCW gave them raises

Jon Fuentes
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Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Eric Bischoff

On a recent episode of JBL’s Legends With JBL on the WWE Network, former WCW and WWE superstars Kevin Nash and Scott Hall joined the program to discuss a variety of topics including why WCW gave them a raise.

Apparently, the then WCW President Eric Bischoff was fearful that his newly acquired stars would jump ship back to WWE. Nash first stated that he and Hall were flown out to a sports bar in Atlanta and were given new contracts in the CNN centre:

"We got in this corner booth and they basically just put paperwork in front of us. We had like 30 months when we first came there and now it's five years. And they're like, 'you're not going to pull this on us.' And we just sat there and we went [to sign the contracts]."

Following their departure Hall and Nash, who were known in the WWE as Razor Ramon and Diesel in the promotion, the WWE attempted to fire some shots at their recently departed talents to the rival promotion, by establishing fake Diesel and Razor Ramon characters.

The WWE was promoting the debuts of the fake characters as the actual return of the real Diesel and Razor Ramon characters, striking fear into the heart of Eric Bischoff that WWE might just somehow be able to pull them back in. 

Nash stated that he, Hall, then WCW Vice President Nick Lambros, and Eric Bischoff watched the debut of the fake characters together:

"The day they're going to debut Razor and Diesel and at the back of the TV, the production trucks, there's a monitor and RAW was on it. So Scott's standing here. I'm standing here. Bischoff is here. Lambros is here.

And the next segment is Diesel and Razor and they're looking at us, like, waiting for us [to somehow appear on WWE TV simultaneously]. Like, how is this going to happen? Like, is it's something that's filmed [in advance] because they still weren't live. This is one of the taped shows."

You can check out the full interview in which Nash and Hall discuss why they each decided to make the difficult decision to leave the WWE, the fans believing the WWE sent Nash and Hall to WCW, deciding to use their real names, the WWE’s trademark infringement lawsuit against WCW, and much more by clicking this link here.

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