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WWE News: Kevin Owens on Triple H helping him win the WWE Universal Championship

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens opens up on why Triple H handing him the title was special

Owens will defend the WWE Universal Championship against Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell

Kevin Owens is the new face of WWE. The Universal Champion has carried Monday Night RAW for the past couple of months and looks like he will be holding on to the title for the foreseeable future.

Owens recently spoke to English daily The Mirror and spoke about his best friend Chris Jericho, the Universal title, Sami Zayn and also about Hell In A Cell.

The interview started with Owens expressing his admiration for Chris Jericho. Growing up in Canada, Owens revealed that he was a big Chris Jericho fan. He said that he had even stayed up way past his bedtime as a kid, to watch Jericho debut on Monday Night RAW.

Owens expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with Chris on a weekly basis and put up entertaining segments on television. Owens also commented on learning from Jericho.

“It's somebody I've watched growing up and now we get to do that together. It puts things into perspective and it's pretty cool. When you work with somebody like that. it's hard to put a finger on exactly what you have learned, but I'm definitely learning from him.”

Owens reiterated the fact that winning the WWE Universal Championship was his lifelong dream. Although he was aware of the negative criticism that was drawn when Triple H literally handed him the title, he thought that the outcome made more sense. He felt that Hunter handing him the title was the cherry on top of the cake and that made it special.

Owens also spoke about his rival, Sami Zayn. Although their clash at WWE Battleground did not go in Kevin’s favour, it was a great match and probably a match of the year contender. Owens said that he is sure to cross paths with Sami Zayn again and he would set matters to rest once and for all.

Owens even teased a possible clash at WrestleMania saying that going face to face with Zayn for the Universal title at the biggest stage would add another level to their rivalry.

Shedding light on Sunday’s match with Rollins at Hell In A Cell, Owens said that he has been in cage matches in the past, but nothing even compares with this unforgiving steel structure. He was aware of the other two Hell In A Cell matches on the card and made it clear that him and Seth would steal the show.  

Owens concluded by affirming that Hell In A Cell was definitely the most dangerous match that he has ever been involved in, and once he stepped into the cold steel chamber, all bets were off.

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