Kevin Owens on interesting advice Vince McMahon and Triple H gave him as Universal Champion

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Israel Lutete
Modified 03 May 2021

Kevin Owens captured his first WWE world title in 2016 after winning the Universal Championship a few weeks after SummerSlam. The Prizefighter admittedly didn't enjoy his run with the title, and would like to set the record straight with a second reign.

Kevin Owens held the Universal Championship for six months before dropping it to Goldberg. He wass the second person to hold the title after Finn Balor had to relinquish it due to injury.

During a recent interview with talkSPORT, Kevin Owens stated he's in a different mindset now compared to his first run with the Universal Championship:

“I don’t really care how it ended,” said Owens. “It ended the way it ended and they all have to end at some point. At least it ended for a reason. There was a reason for it ending beyond ‘hey, Owens isn’t doing a good job.’ Because that wasn’t the case. Whether it should have ended that way or not is another discussion altogether. What I mean the most when I talk about I’d love to have another Universal title run to make things right is for myself. My mindset has changed a lot since I was champion and back then I didn’t take the time to enjoy any of it."

Kevin Owens continued by saying he was too focused on trying to be a good champion that he couldn't relish the moment. He received advice from stars such as Shawn Michaels, Triple H and even Vince McMahon on the matter:

“I was just too focused on trying to make it good, make it better, make it as good as it can be and I really, really didn’t enjoy it the way I should have,” Owens added.“My wife was instrumental in making me realise that. My parents as well, even guys like Shawn Michaels, Triple H and even Vince McMahon himself, they’ve all told me that it seemed like I forgot to enjoy this part of things and if you’re not going to enjoy being the champion, then what are you going to enjoy in this industry?"

Being the top champion on the show comes with a lot of pressure. It can prevent a champion from enjoying the moment they worked their whole career to achieve.

Kevin Owens wants to reclaim the WWE Universal Championship

Kevins with the (Raw) Universal Championship
Kevins with the (Raw) Universal Championship

Kevin Owens hasn't been champion for a while now, which goes against his "Prizefighter" character. He undoubtedly deserves another world title run.

Kevin Owens added that he'd love to be Universal Champion, and he wouldn't mind going through Roman Reigns again to achieve his goal:

“I’d love to be able to get back there just so I can enjoy it properly, but we’ll see," said Owens. "All I can do is do my best to stay in that story and hopefully I get to take it from Roman [Reigns] or somebody else in the future.”

With Money in the Bank approaching, Kevin Owens could increase his chances of reclaiming the Universal Championship if he manages to win the MITB contract.

Published 03 May 2021
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