Kevin Owens has three words for Roman Reigns after WWE SmackDown

Kevin Owens is set to challenge for the WWE Universal Championship
Kevin Owens is set to challenge for the WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens took to Twitter to send a message to Roman Reigns following their match on WWE SmackDown.

The main event saw Kevin Owens and Otis defeat Reigns and Jey Uso after The Tribal Chief caused a disqualification. Shortly after the show, Owens had three simple words for his upcoming opponent at the TLC pay-per-view, “BRING IT ON.”

WWE TLC match confirmed

The December 4 episode of WWE SmackDown began with a promo segment involving Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, Paul Heyman, and Roman Reigns.

After Reigns mocked Kayla Braxton’s questions, the segment turned towards the TLC PPV on December 20. Kevin Owens issued a challenge to face Reigns for the Universal Championship at the event.

“I wasn’t talking to the bus boy [Jey Uso]. I was talking to The Head of the Table. What do you say, huh? If not now, let me think of a… oh, I got just the place… T… L… C. And let’s not stop there, Roman. You are The Head of the Table, or so you claim. Let’s get a table in there, let’s get a ladder, let’s get some chairs. Put that title on the line and you and I settle this like men. What do you say?”

Reigns agreed to the challenge before exiting the ring with Uso and Heyman. Later in the night, Reigns and Uso looked on course to defeat Kevin Owens and Otis in a tag team match. Otis had to return to the backstage area midway through the match after Reigns repeatedly hit him with the steel steps.


The finish saw Kevin Owens hit Uso with a stunner in the middle of the ring. Before he could pin the six-time Tag Team Champion, Reigns interfered by locking him in a guillotine. The referee immediately called for a disqualification, meaning the victory went to Kevin Owens and the injured Otis.

WWE PPV history: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens have previously met on two occasions in one-on-one matches at WWE pay-per-views.

The first match (Roadblock: End of the Line 2016) ended with Chris Jericho hitting Kevin Owens with a Codebreaker. At the time, the two men were best friends and they had not yet split up. The unique finish not only meant that Kevin Owens retained the Universal Championship, but he also won the match via disqualification.

One month later, Kevin Owens defeated the former Shield member again at the 2017 Royal Rumble. On that occasion, Braun Strowman interfered in the match to prevent Reigns from winning the Universal Championship.

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