"There are certain things " - Killer Kross gets honest about going solo and on-screen future with Scarlett (Exclusive)

Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux got married in April earlier this year
Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux got married in April earlier this year
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Killer Kross opened up about his on-screen equation with Scarlett Bordeaux during a recent chat with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Kevin Kellam.

The 36-year-old star and his wife in real life were incredibly dominant before they arrived in WWE, and they maintained their spot at the top even in NXT. However, the stars have chosen to perform separately on certain occasions since their release last year, and Kross explained why that had been the case.

While specific creative ideas needed to be executed solo, Killer Kross admitted that he and Scarlett prefer working together for a television audience.

"I mean, yeah, her and I are open to performing separately; we have all year," said Killer Kross. "There are certain things we want to get out artistically that are only going to be able to be done on our own. But in terms of a television presentation, we just think it would be better for us to be working together, and that's solely based on the fan interaction." [7:12 - 7:25]

Kross also spoke about missing fan interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The former NXT Champion performed for WWE without a live audience for several months, and he called it a bizarre experience.

The wrestling world recently opened up to fans as promoters are back to organizing several meet-and-greets and conventions featuring all the top wrestlers in the business. Killer Kross revealed that he always gets asked about whether he plans on reuniting with Scarlett on TV:

"Now that the market is open back up, everybody is out; we're doing meet and greets and seeing fans and everything every single weekend, like thousands of people at a time," Kross continued. "The one thing people always tell us is, when are you guys coming back together on TV? So, we enjoy working together, but the choice to want to work together is completely based on what the audience is telling us." [7:26 - 8:03]

"We've always tried to work towards pleasing the people" - Killer Kross on his on-screen future with Scarlett

Kross noted that he was aware of the fans' desire to see him work with Scarlett again. However, the MLW star is no stranger to failure, as he has experienced an underwhelming run on the WWE main roster and was without Scarlett during the largely forgettable phase.

While the superstar will entertain creative proposals, he was against experimenting with angles that have already been successful. Kross added that he was open to joining forces with Scarlett for a global TV product.

"I've always told this since the very beginning, if you listen to the audience, they will tell you what they want. You don't have to, it doesn't have to be this long, confusing equation of trial and error. They are telling you what they want,' stated the former WWE star. "We've always tried to work towards pleasing the people, and that has always been very beneficial to us. We think that's the best course of action; in terms of like working in a globally western television market, we'd work together." [8:04 - 8:34]

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