"It was hard to watch" - Killian Dain on the need for change in the old NXT

Killian Dain was a member of SAnitY
Killian Dain was a member of SAnitY

Killian Dain (currently known as Big Damo) recently outlined the need for change in the old NXT, as he felt it was becoming too formulaic.

He was a part of the faction SAnitY, alongside Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, Sawyer Fulton, and Nikki A.S.H. in the black and gold brand, where they once held the tag titles. They even won Tag Team of the Year for 2017 at the NXT Year-End Awards.

Dain recently sat down for an interview with Nick Hausman of Wrestling INC. He shared his thoughts and observations on the recent transformations in the now-rainbow colored brand:

“So, listen, this is probably a controversial thing amongst my own colleagues and whatever else. But I felt like something did have to change, right? I noticed it, especially towards the end of my time there. NXT had found too much of a formula,” Killian Dain said. “When everybody was kind of wrestling the exact same way, it got noticeable, and it was hard to watch." [h/t WrestlingINC]

Check out the entire interview below:


Dain made his main roster debut on SmackDown as part of SAnitY back in 2018 before they officially disbanded the following year.

Killian Dain isn't surprised that WWE made changes to NXT

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In the same interview, Dain highlighted his concerns about the new recruits in NXT 2.0.

He talked about how they may not be able to keep up with the stars of the black and gold brand when it comes to in-ring ability or character work:

“Because there were all these super talented wrestlers, then you’d have the next group coming through trying to do the same stuff. Then the athletes and stuff who they’ve signed, they just aren’t able to do that kind of style. I think that was maybe an issue, so it didn’t surprise me that something changed,” said Killian Dain. [h/t WrestlingINC]

Dain mentioned that he was ready to win in Progress Wrestling’s Atlas Championship tournament taking place over the coming weekend.

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