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WWE News: Kurt Angle claims his addiction recovery app could save NBA star Lamar Odom

Vidisha Joshi
18 Dec 2016, 16:06 IST
Kurt Angle’s new app is called ‘AngleStrong’

Ex-WWE star and a recovering addict Kurt Angle that the new ‘Addiction Management’ app could be helpful in saving Lamar Odom, and instead put him on the track for a healthy and sober lifestyle.

As was previously reported by TMZ Sports itself, NBA star Lamar Odom, who is the husband of Reality show personality Khloe Kardashian had checked himself into a rehab earlier this week after there were speculations that he had started giving into hardcore drugs.

Odom had been previously arrested for DUI in the last week itself, after which he took the decision to check himself into the rehabilitation facility.

The basketball player was also confirmed to have had problems with drug abuse in the past. The word is that Odom’s father had also struggled with a heroin addiction in the past and at times Odom just felt as if he was ‘fighting his father’s demons’.

TMZ Sports had a one-on-one discussion with Kurt Angle, where the former WWE star talked about his new application, ‘AngleStrong’, which he has designed to help recovering addicts stay off the path of substance abuse after they get out of rehab.

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He explained in the interview that the app helped people stay honest, with both themselves as well as their loved ones.

Despite not being a doctor himself, Kurt says that he has been living a sober lifestyle for the past three years, after combating a painkiller addiction. His addiction started when he was given a prescription of painkillers for his neck pain,

He has absolute faith in his product and claims that it could also be of immense use to Odom in fighting his hazardous addictions in the long run. The AngleStrong app is supposed to hit the markets by January 15th, 2017.


You can watch Kurt Angle’s interview with TMZ Sports here:

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