Kurt Angle discusses what pro-wrestling needs to attract a bigger fanbase

Kurt Angle comments on how pro wrestling can attract a bigger fanbase
Kurt Angle comments on how pro wrestling can attract a bigger fanbase
Nithin Joseph

Kurt Angle has commented on how the pro-wrestling industry can attract a larger fanbase while talking to Michael Morales Torres from Lucha Libre Online.

Angle feels that one of the ways to do this is by allowing wrestlers to use more of their own direction.

"I think we should give the wrestlers more of their own direction. I think things are so scripted now and plan well ahead of time, both verbally and wrestling wise. The art of pro wrestling is the improvised and to feel the crowd and make the matches make sense and have psychology. Right now it's more of a high action movie and it's not so bad."

Kurt Angle himself had to get used to working with a script, so it should come as no surprise that he feels like the pro-wrestling industry would benefit from wrestlers working to their own tune. However, it took Kurt Angle a whole year before WWE decided he was ready for his TV debut, so who is to say whether he is right.

Kurt Angle feels that the money is in the kids when it comes to pro-wrestling

Continuing on the lines of what would be good for the pro-wrestling industry, Kurt Angle also claimed that he understood how the business worked. He claimed that the money in professional wrestling has stemmed from its young fanbase and quality programming. However, he still feels that wrestlers should be allowed to have more control over what they do in the ring.

"I understand why WWE went from R rated PG rated. The money's in the kids. The ratings might have suffered a little bit, but the money is in the kid. Money is also in the programming. Getting networks to pick up the shows. So it's hard to say what wrestling needs. I would like to see the guys have more control over what they do. That would help"

On one side, what Angle said makes perfect sense, especially considering how well some wrestlers do when they are allowed to be themselves and improvise during matches. However, quality product and creating products that are age appropriate for fans is also important. One thing is for sure though, Kurt Angle would do well as one of the higher ups in any wrestling promotion.

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Edited by Alex Turk
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