Kurt Angle opens up about working with Chris Benoit

Kurt Angle has a lot of praise and respect for Chris Benoit
Kurt Angle has a lot of praise and respect for Chris Benoit
Nithin Joseph

Kurt Angle discussed his relationship with Chris Benoit and what it was like to wrestle him in an interview with Michael Morales Torres from Lucha Libre Online.

Kurt Angle had the pleasure of working with Chris Benoit on a number of occasions during his stint with WWE. In a previous interview on Talk Is Jericho in 2017, Kurt Angle stated he believed that Benoit was one of the greatest of all-time.

"I’m sorry, but he has got to be in the top three of all time. I mean, you can’t deny that. I mean, even Bret Hart will tell you that. I’m not going to excuse any of the things Chris did outside of wrestling, but when he was in that ring, he was possibly the greatest of all time.”

Kurt Angle believes that Chris Benoit is the most talented technician

In the interview, Kurt Angle discussed what it was like to work with Chris Benoit and even spoke on Benoit's personality. He suggested that Benoit was a quiet individual, but also one of his most loyal, honest and upfront friends.

Angle had nothing but high praise for Benoit's in-ring ability, considering him to be the most talented technician he ever worked with.

"Chris (Benoit) was pretty quiet. He was a great friend, really loyal and just very honest and upfront. Chris was an incredible wrestler. He had it all. Probably, without a doubt, the most talented technician I've ever faced"

Kurt Angle has previously reminisced about his matches with Chris Benoit. He took to Twitter back in 2012 to express his displeasure about WWE depleting all Chris Benoit related footage from their library.

He said he did understand the decision, but Angle once again praised the late wrestler, claiming that some of the greatest WWE matches were Angle versus Benoit.

It truly is a shame that Benoit had to go through the mental challenges that he did. However, it is also great to see that despite all the tragedy surrounding Chris Benoit, wrestlers such as Kurt Angle still have a high degree of respect for what a great in-ring performer and personality he was.

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