"Every bit as talented as Rey Mysterio" – WWE Legend has not seen a star like Kenny Omega in a long time

A WWE Veteran showered massive praise on Kenny Omega
A WWE Veteran showered massive praise on Kenny Omega

During the latest episode of his podcast on AdFreeShows.com, Kurt Angle shared his admiration for Kenny Omega and compared the former AEW World Champion to Rey Mysterio.

Kenny Omega recently praised Angle during a chiropractic session on YouTube. The WWE Hall of Famer admitted that Omega's comments meant a lot to him.

Angle has been following Kenny Omega's work since his days in Japan, and felt The Cleaner is the biggest star to have not been signed by WWE. Angle hasn't witnessed a superstar like Kenny Omega in a very long time and was in awe of the AEW wrestler's skill set. Angle added that Omega is just as talented as Rey Mysterio and called him one of the best in-ring workers presently in the wrestling business:

"That means a lot to me, what Kenny said. To be in that position, to be able to have someone line Kenny Omega look up to me. That's a true honor because the kid is incredible. What he has been able to do the past ten years in professional wrestling, over in Japan, here in the United States. He was the biggest star and the most talented superstar that never went to WWE. And he will go down in history as that if he never did go to WWE. I mean, his success, what he has had in Japan, and in AEW, phenomenal. I haven't seen a talent like him in a long time. I would say that he is every bit as talented as Rey Mysterio. And he belongs in that upper echelon of talents; one of the greatest workers in the business today."

Kurt Angle on Kenny Omega taking time off due to injuries

Kenny Omega dropped the AEW title to Hangman Page at Full Gear. The former NJPW star is expected to be out of action as he's scheduled to undergo multiple surgeries.

Angle perfectly understood what Omega is going through. The WWE Hall of Famer reminded fans about the physical consequences of being a professional wrestler:

"I saw that, and you know what? It's a tough business. You're going to have injuries, and you're going to have surgeries, and it's unfortunate because this is in the prime of his career, but he's going to have to do what he has to do."

Do you agree with Kurt Angle's views on Kenny Omega? Will Omega go down in history as the most outstanding wrestler outside of WWE?

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