"You son of a b****" - Kurt Angle reveals why he was angry with Shane McMahon over an in-ring incident

Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon.
Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon.

Kurt Angle has had some bloody wars throughout his career, and one of his most brutal matches to date happened at the King of the Ring 2001 event. The Olympic gold medalist faced Shane McMahon in an unforgettable street fight, which unsurprisingly also received 'Match of the Night' honors.

Kurt Angle and Conrad Thompson rewatched the 26-minute match during a recent edition of 'The Kurt Angle Show.' and the WWE Hall of Famer revealed some interesting details about the contest.

Shane McMahon legitimately busted Kurt Angle open with a stiff punch in the eye during the match. Angle, who had to get six stitches on the wound, was upset with Shane McMahon and even made his frustrations known during the match.

"Yes, yes! (laughs) It's coming up here soon. Shane ends up grabbing my leg, and he ends up giving me a punch in the eye, and he gave me six stitches. I got pissed! I don't remember because of my concussion, but he told me about it a week later that I was really mad and kept saying, 'Look what you did to my face, you son of a b****? I didn't beat him up right away," recalled Angle.

Kurt Angle on Shane McMahon's reaction to his onslaught

Angle got some retribution by responding with a few heavy-handed strikes along with some unpleasant verbal abuse. The former WWE champion sadly had no recollection of the incident as he suffered a concussion that night.

Kurt Angle was a true Ironman at the pay-per-view as he wrestled three matches despite suffering a head injury.

"Here's the spot where he gets me. He gets out, and I see the blood, and I'm fuming. So, I challenge him for an amateur wrestling competition where I get down to my hands and knees. I tell him to get in the ring, and I don't do anything to Shane until I reverse him and get him on the ground, and I start beating the sh** out of him (laughs). And I'm telling him, 'Look what you did to my eye, you son of a b****.' And Shane was like, 'Holy sh**; he's really pissed'," Kurt Angle added.

Shane McMahon's stiff yet unplanned punches did add some realism to the street fight, but it came at the cost of an enraged Kurt Angle.

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