Kurt Angle thanks brave beachgoer for saving his son from drowning

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle's son avoided a major disaster!
Modified 04 Jul 2020

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently took to Instagram to praise the heroic efforts of a local man who was present when the Olympic Gold Medalist's son Joseph's safety was in critical danger.

In the said post, which has received over forty thousand likes at the time of this writing, the former general manager of RAW is seen pictured with a fellow beachgoer by the name of Jake Schmidt.

Kurt Angle thanks the person for saving his son's life

The post reads:

"Thank you Jake Schmidt for saving my son Joseph’s life today at the beach. You’re a hero man... because my ass can’t swim.. #itstrue #lakeerie"

In typical Kurt Angle fashion, the WWE legend injected some humor into what could have been a completely tragic situation, by revealing he doesn't actually know how to swim.

While specific details are not known, it appears as though Kurt Angle's son Joseph, who was adopted by Angle and his wife Giovanna from Bulgaria some nine months ago, encountered some difficulty while swimming in Lake Erie, USA.

Thankfully, when things started getting serious for Joseph, Jake Schmidt was available to help the Hall of Famer's son. It seems that Kurt Angle was so thankful for the stranger's help that the pair shared a photo together, as seen above.

Situated on the border between the USA and Canada, Erie is one of the five Great Lakes of the United States and is the eleventh largest in the world.

It is not the first time a visitor or swimmer has struggled to stay afloat at the popular destination, though. In 2019, there were at least ten people who passed away as a result of drowning at Lake Erie. Kurt Angle and his son should probably consider themselves very lucky that things turned out as they did.

The worrying incident in question also comes just a few short weeks after the death of former WWE superstar Shad Gaspard.

Shad Gaspard lost his life in swimming-related circumstances.
Shad Gaspard lost his life in swimming-related circumstances.

Back in May, Gaspard's body was found at Venice Beach. A couple of days prior to his tragic demise, the late WWE Superstar-turned-Actor, along with his family, would be caught in a rip current. While Gaspard would make sure that his son was taken to safety, he would go missing before being found washed up on the shore.

While millions of people enjoy swimming in the beautiful oceans, lakes, and rivers our world has to offer, it's important to remember that these bodies of water can be a force in themselves and appropriate caution should always be taken in order to avoid disaster.

We're very happy to know that both Kurt Angle and his son came away from this event safe and well.

Published 02 Jul 2020
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