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WWE News: Kurt Angle wants Wrestlemania XIX re-match against Brock Lesnar

Is a return for Kurt Angle imminent?

Can Angle inspire another Shooting Star Press from The Beast?

The proponent of ‘Intensity. Integrity. Intelligence.’ Kurt Angle recently took part in a Q&A on his Facebook page. Upon being asked about the matches he would want to wrestle again, The Olympian stated that a rematch for the Wrestlemania XIX fight against The Beast Incarnate would be his top choice.

 “Lesnar at Mania. Except, I'd like to be healthy this time”

Angle went on to make a surprising revelation by stating that he would also be willing to fight Ryback if he ever returned to the Indie circuit. He went on to add, however, that a return to indies is not something that he wanted, for now.

Angle also talked about being knocked out after his match against Triple H and The Rock at Summerslam 2000, where he took a Pedigree through the announce table.

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The wrestling machine mentioned the concussion he had and not remembering anything post match. He claimed that he woke up two hours later, and The Game and The People’s Champ helped him get through the match.

“Yes, I got a concussion. I don't remember anything after the pedigree. I "woke up" 2 hours later with an oxygen mask on me. Scary...horrible night. HHH and Rock got me through the match though.”

Angle also shared a story that he had of the late Owen Hart. He described the prank he and The King of Hearts once played on Val Venis. Owen called Venis’s hotel room and told him (in a muffled voice) that he was a fan who was willing to beat him up.

Owen then pointed out that he was the big fat guy standing near the elevator.(There was a heavy set man at the elevator. Owen saw him there before he called lobby.) Venis came down and asked the man if he had a problem with him. Hart and Angle had to stop Val Venis before matters escalated.

Here’s a video of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle’s match at Wrestlemania XIX:

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