Kurt Angle will consider offers for an important on-screen role that he has never done in wrestling

Kurt Angle.
Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle has seemingly covered all bases in professional wrestling but has surprisingly not conquered the commentary aspect of the game.

During a recent edition of 'The Kurt Angle Show,' the WWE Hall of Famer revealed why he never did commentary throughout his illustrious career.

Kurt Angle is regarded as one of the greatest superstars on the microphone in WWE history, and his promo skills would have ideally translated into compelling commentary work.

While Angle has considered doing play-by-play or color commentary in the past, he has never revived an offer from any known company. The former WWE champion said he would be open to offers for a spot on the announcer's table.

"Oh, thank you! (in response to a fan saying he would have been a great commentator). I have considered it. I just haven't had an offer. I'm not sure why, probably, maybe because they think I wouldn't be a good commentator, I don't know. But, if I had the offer, I would consider it. You know, nobody has offered it to me," revealed Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle's status and a possible return to wrestling

The WWE Legend has stayed away from the business since being released from the company in 2020.

Kurt Angle's current physical condition might prevent him from making an in-ring comeback as he revealed the need for surgery on his problematic neck.

"I have had the quick-fix surgeries just so that I could get back in the ring again, and you know, the last one I did, I think, was 2015. But I'm going to eventually have to have fusion surgery; I've just been putting it off," Kurt Angle revealed.

Various former WWE stars have transitioned to commentary, with Paul Wight's AEW story being a notable example. Could Kurt Angle also follow suit and join any existing wrestling company's broadcast team? Only time will tell.

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