Kyle O'Reilly on fans thinking he suffered a serious injury on NXT

Kyle O
Kyle O'Reilly is so good at selling; he scared the entire WWE Universe.
Matt Black

If you haven't realized it by now, Kyle O'Reilly is very good at selling. Some would argue he might be too good.

In a storyline that closed an episode of WWE NXT in February, Adam Cole hit Kyle O'Reilly with a brainbuster on the steel steps laying him out in the closing moments of the show.

Due to some footage filmed by fans in attendance at the Capitol Wrestling Center, social media was led to believe that Kyle O'Reilly was seriously injured.

Kyle O'Reilly recently sat down with Scott Fishman of TV Insider to discuss all things NXT. When the subject of that storyline came up, O'Reilly said it was weird but also humbling to know that people care about him that much.

"It’s a testament to how things can take off," Kyle O'Reilly said. "It was weird and also humbling to know so many people really cared and wanted the best for me coming out of the scenario. People were concerned and offered support, which was really cool to know so many people cared. It took off like wildfire."

Kyle O'Reilly said his sister was in hysterics after reading about his potential injury on Twitter

Kyle O'Reilly was asked if anyone in his family was concerned after the storyline took place. He admitted that his sister freaked out about it because she saw the speculation online regarding the potential injury.

"My sister," Kyle O'Reilly revealed. "That was the first thing she saw was this rumor on Twitter before I’d even had the chance to give her a call and let her know I was okay. She called me in hysterics freaking out. That made me sad because here is someone who is family who sees something on Twitter and was concerned. I knew [social media’s speculation] came from a caring and genuine place. They were concerned. I can’t fault anyone for that."

Kyle O'Reilly will challenge for the NXT Championship this Sunday at NXT TakeOver: In Your House on Peacock and the WWE Network internationally.

Do you remember the night that Kyle O'Reilly scared the WWE Universe? Is it impossible to run storylines like this in professional wrestling in 2021? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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