Kyle O'Reilly on his match with Moustache Mountain

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Kyle O'Reilly talked about how The Undisputed Era had a proper feud with Moustache Mountain and established the match to be one of the best of their career
Modified 03 Oct 2020

Kyle O'Reilly is set for a big match at NXT TakeOver 31. Before his appearance at the pay-per-view event, Kyle O'Reilly was interviewed by TalkSPORT, where he talked about another of his biggest matches which was memorable for the show that the Undisputed Era put on against Moustache Mountain.

Kyle O'Reilly on Undisputed Era's memorable match against Moustache Mountain

On day one of WWE's second annual UK Championship tournament, British Strong Style faced Undisputed Era in a six-man tag team match. British Strong Style were able to come away with the win there. Soon afterwards, Moustache Mountain would face Undisputed Era in a match for the WWE NXT Tag Team titles, and on that occasion they defeated them.

Ultimately, Undisputed Era would win back the WWE NXT Tag Team titles soon afterwards.

Kyle O'Reilly talked about Moustache Mountain's match against Undisputed Era and on that night, they meshed together perfectly. The match itself was very hard and physical, but they worked well together, and Moustache Mountain's ability ended up helping them to put on some of the best matches that they had yet done in WWE.

Kyle O'Reilly also talked about the response that they got from the fanbase thanks to the match.

"The night before we dropped the tag titles to Moustache Mountain, I believe we worked British Strong Style in a six-man. Anytime you get to work with Trent Seven, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne is like a night off in terms of easiness. I mean, the matches are extremely hard and physical, but that’s what I love about wrestling! And those guys certainly bring the thunder in everything they do. They’re so good. I have nothing but fond memories about working with those guys. We did tear the roof off the Royal Albert Hall and the reaction… oh, God. That’s what I love about wrestling. Getting a genuine response from a fanbase like that. So frigging cool, man."

Readers can also check out Sportskeeda's interview with Moustache Mountain member Tyler Bate.

Published 03 Oct 2020
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