Lacey Evans fires personal insults at Kayla Braxton about her relationship issues

Kayla Braxton and Lacey Evans.
Kayla Braxton and Lacey Evans.
Modified 23 Sep 2020

The apparent tension between Kayla Braxton and Lacey Evans returned to the fore on the most recent edition of Talking Smack.

In case you didn't know, Kayla Braxton had revealed in an Instagram post not too long ago that she was engaged to get married, but she decided to walk away from the wedding.

Here's what Braxton had revealed in the IG post:

I have never shared this publicly, but I feel like I should ... on this day, 4 years ago, I said yes to spending my life with a man. He was pretty much perfect. But I wasn't. So I walked away. The word, "yes," holds a lot of weight and responsibility. Don't be agreeable for the sake of being agreeable. Your life is yours. Make choices for you. If you live life that way, you'll die with no regrets. PS : shoutout to my ex for always being so cool. Couldn't have asked for a better former fiancé.

Lacey Evans takes shots at Kayla Braxton

Evans was a guest on the recent episode of Talking Smack with hosts Xavier Woods and Kayla Braxton. Evans had been laid out by Alexa Bliss with the Sister Abigail earlier on SmackDown, and she obviously wasn't in the best of moods.

Braxton called out Evans for mocking short people during her promo on SmackDown. Evans defended herself by stating that she doesn't insult people but just points out the obvious. Evans called Braxton a weakling and noted that the Southern Belle deserves to have her own show.

Lacey Evanss then took a shot at Braxton for the latter walking away from her engagement with the following comment:

"I don't insult people, I point out the obvious, and if weaklings like yourself take that as an insult, then that's none of my concern. However, I do believe that Lacey Evans, that sassy, Southern Belle, should have her own show, to show women... women like you, how to conduct themselves appropriately, how to be a lady, how to cook, how to clean, how to keep a man... which obviously... ahem, let's not even go there."H/t WrestlingInc

Braxton was surprised by Lacey Evans' comments and said that she wouldn't subscribe to Lacey's show if it ever came to fruition. The Southern Belle took another shot at Braxton by saying, "I got dinner to cook, for my husband."

Xavier Woods found the exchanges really uncomfortable to digest, and he suggested that Kayla Braxton could begin training for a possible match against Lacey Evans to settle the differences.

The WWE personality shot down the idea by saying, "Don't put that out there, OK? I will not disrespect her when it comes to her in the ring. There's not a chance. No."

Are the issues between Lacey Evans and Kayla Braxton real, or is this all just a worked secondary angle that's playing out on WWE programming? At this moment, there are no updates on the reality of the situation, but we should get more details soon.

Published 23 Sep 2020
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