Lana says WWE has plans to circle back to seemingly dropped storyline [Exclusive]

Will WWE revisit the Lana and Liv Morgan angle a year later?
Will WWE revisit the Lana and Liv Morgan angle a year later?

Are plans in the works to circle back to the Liv Morgan-Lana storyline that fizzled out back in January? According to Lana, the answer is yes.

It wouldn't be the first time that WWE has brought back a forgotten or abandoned storyline. Just a few weeks back, creative tied up a ton of lose ends by revealing Mustafa Ali as not only the new leader of RETRIBUTION but also the mysterious SmackDown hacker. It had been months since the hacker made an appearance on TV prior to Ali's announcement.

It's been almost a year to the day since Liv Morgan made her shocking return to RAW by objecting to the marriage of Lana and Lashley because Lana was "the love of her life."

The angle blew up in the WWE social circles, but other than a few RAW matches and a Royal Rumble spot, it never really went anywhere. By February the angle was completely dropped without any real conclusion.

Speaking to Sportskeeda ahead of her Women's Tag Team title opportunity at TLC, Lana said she was thrilled about getting to work with Liv Morgan earlier this year.

"I love Liv Morgan so much," Lana told Sportskeeda. "I was excited to do what we did, because Liv Morgan is one of my best friends, and I have been close with her over the years. And really our bond for wrestling... We love WWE. We love wrestling so much. And, so you know, we have an incredible bond."

As polarizing as the tangled love web of Lana, Lashley, Rusev (now Miro in AEW), and Liv Morgan was, many members of the WWE Universe were happy when it ended. However, to quote Miracle Max from Princess Bride, the angle is only mostly dead. Or at least that's what we've been told.

Lana says WWE could bring back her story with Liv Morgan


You can count Lana among those who want to see her and Liv Morgan finish what they started late last year. Moreover, Lana says she's been told a conclusion is coming:

"I can see the story picking up any time, any day. You know? Like I think it's a very, very compelling story and I would love to revisit it. So, that's what I was told. That we're going to revisit it at some point. So I'm looking forward to revisiting it at some point."

Surely it would still be some time before they revisit their tale, if ever, right? Lana is currently a member of RAW, and Liv is over on SmackDown. There would have to be a trade worked out or WWE would have to wait until the next shake-up to get these two on the same brand. Or Lana could become one half of the Women's Tag Team Champions.

This is just speculation, but if Lana and Asuka win the Women's Tag Team titles they would be free to move to whichever brand they want. The top contenders on SmackDown just so happen to be Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott.

First things first, Lana would have to win the gold, but breathing life back into her story with Liv Morgan is only a jump away. It is WWE after all, never say never.

Make sure to check out part two of Sportskeeda's interview with Lana in the video above. She goes more in depth about her rivalry with Nia Jax and the announcers table. She also spoke about her recent work with Bruce Willis.

What do you think? Do you want WWE to revive the Lana/Liv Morgan love angle?

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