Lana tweets about alimony after 'divorce' with Bobby Lashley

Lana and Bobby Lashley
Lana and Bobby Lashley

Former WWE Superstar Lana has posted a hilarious tweet about getting alimony from her "second ex-husband" Bobby Lashley.

Lana and Lashley played the part of a married couple for months on end, back in 2020. Their love triangle storyline with the former's real-life husband Miro received a large number of social media views but also garnered major heat from fans.

They separated after Lana unintentionally cost Lashley the WWE title at Backlash 2020. She has now posted an amusing tweet talking about the money she makes off her alimony from her "second ex-husband". Check out the tweet below:

"I always giggle when I think about all money the #RavishingRussian Lana makes off her alimony from her second ex husband @fightbobby #MITB What a character she was," tweeted Lana.

Lana and Bobby Lashley's on-screen romance didn't sit well with a lot of fans

The fact that Lana was making out with Bobby Lashley in front of her real-life husband on a weekly basis wasn't something a lot of fans appreciated. The storyline was getting slammed by a large portion of the WWE Universe and the duo even received death threats over the same. Here's Lashley talking about the reactions to his storyline with Lana:

"I get very, very bad comments, ones I don't want to say on camera right now. Vulgar, death threats, there's a lot of things—but, ya know, I'm not a hard person to find and if anybody has anything to say about me, they can just come and see me. Not saying I'm going to fight every fan that disapproves of what we're doing, but I'm not going to back down to stupidity," said Bobby Lashley.

Tensions started brewing between the two shortly after their feud with Miro came to an end in early 2020. Things escalated even further when The Ravishing Russian cost Lashley his WWE title match against Drew McIntyre at Backlash 2020. He later made it clear that he was done with her and they went their separate ways.

What was your reaction to Lana and Bobby Lashley's romantic angle? Do you think she will reunite with Miro on AEW TV somewhere down the line?

Edited by Kaushik Das
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