WWE News: Randy Savage reconciled with Hulk Hogan before his death

Macho Man and Hulk Hogan shared a love-hate relationship throughout their careers

Lanny Poffo, brother of the late great Macho Man Randy Savage made an appearance on the 1,2,360: Podcast hosted by former WWE superstar X-Pac. During the course of the online podcast, Lanny Poffo spoke about his brother, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man wanting to work with Shawn Michaels and Miss Elizabeth.

Lanny confirmed that Randy Savage did, in fact, reconcile with Hogan a month before his death. It is well documented that the Macho Man considered Hogan to be responsible for his divorce with Miss Elizabeth, to the extent that he released a studio album titled Be A Man where he took shots on the Hulkster.

Lanny said:

“About a month before Randy died. My brother took my mom to the cardiologist, and the nurse said, ‘Hulk Hogan is here.’ Randy said, well keep him there. So Randy goes in there and gives him a hug or something.

Here’s your scoop in the midst of all this drivel. Randy had a ‘blank you’ list a mile long, right? It seemed like the last two months of his life he went around making amends to everybody that he ever had any problem with, including Hulk Hogan.

Let me tell you what. Even at the worst it was a love/hate relationship. Even at the worst, because Hulk was the Babe Ruth of wrestling and anybody that was lucky enough to be in his shadow for a moment was instantly catapulted to success.

That was Randy in 1985, and they just clicked personally, professionally, inside the ring, outside the ring. But you know things happen.”

As the interview moved on, Poffo discussed Macho Man’s eagerness to work with Shawn Michaels. He revealed that Macho Man was itching to get into the ring during his last few days with WWE.

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He would be on the announcer’s desk as he watched Shawn Michaels working inside the ring and felt that he could work Michaels in a match that would rival his WrestleMania III clash with Steamboat. Poffo shed light into the mind of Randy Savage when he revealed that Macho Man wanted to face Shawn at WrestleMania in a career vs. hair match.

Randy Savage had intended to let Michaels go over and would then return to the announcer’s desk.

Lanny also took the opportunity to deny all rumours that Macho Man would often lock Miss Elizabeth in the locker room. He was referring to WWE’s documentary on the Macho Man where a number of former WWE superstars painted the Macho Man to be very intense and possessive.

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