''Let’s fight right now''- Vince McMahon's words to 5-time WWE Champion for threatening to legitimately beat him up

Vince McMahon got furious with former WWE Champion for threatening him
Vince McMahon got furious with former WWE Champion for threatening him

Vince McMahon is known to be someone who doesn't back down from a fight. That is exactly what happened when the WWE Chairman decided to call Kurt Angle out when the former WWE Champion started misbehaving with him in order to procure his release.

Kurt Angle revealed that McMahon almost got into a physical altercation with him when he sent threatening texts to him after being denied a release in 2006. Angle talked about the time when his erratic behavior landed him in deep trouble with McMahon.

Speaking on his podcast The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympian revealed that he had left rude texts and voicemails to Vince McMahon. During a meeting at Stamford, The WWE CEO made Angle read these disrespectful messages out loud. Even though Angle had realized the error of his ways while reading the messages, it was too late. McMahon was itching for a fight with him.

"I’m reading the text messages, and as I’m doing it, Vince says, ‘You want to beat my ass?’ He stands up and takes his jacket off and says ‘let’s fight right now.’ I’m like, holy shit, my boss, the man I look up to as a father figure, wants to beat my ass. I look around the room and Shane is halfway out of his seat because if I get up, Shane is gonna jump me,'' said Angle.
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What did Kurt Angle text Vince McMahon?

Angle stated that he was in bad shape during that time period and wasn't fully aware of what he was doing himself. Angle's texts to McMahon contained some big threats.

"I was like, ‘What the hell are these?’ I’m reading them, and they say ‘Vince, I’m gonna kick your ass when I see you,’ ‘Vince, if you don’t call me back, I’m gonna beat the shit out of you,’ all these threats,'' said Angle.
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The former WWE Champion recalled while reading his own messages that he might have done those while he was on painkillers. Angle admitted that while he never wrestled high, he had become a painkiller addict and would take 20-25 pills at a time.

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