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WWE News: Lilian Garcia officially departs WWE

The 50-year-old ring announcer still remains on good terms with the wrestling company.

Lilian Garcia has been associated with WWE since the year 1999

Long time viewers of WWE television are familiar with Lilian Garcia’s signature voice. Serving as a ring announcer for many years with the company, Garcia had stepped down from her role earlier this year, due to personal reasons.

While she hasn’t been seen on WWE television since then (except for an appearance at Tribute to the Troops), her departure from the company was made official when her profile was recently moved to the Alumni section of the WWE website.

For most fans in the business, this is the final sign that the superstar in question is no longer employed by the wrestling promotion.

Having being associated with WWE in various capacities over the years, Garcia bears no ill will towards the company. The reason for Garcia’s departure is due to her caring for her ailing father who’s been battling cancer for some time.

Garcia could not have devoted time to his care if she were on the road full time with WWE, and she hence chose to make her decision. Since then, she’s only been seen on WWE television once, singing the US National Anthem at the annual WWE event for US armed forces, Tribute to the Troops.

Garcia will be missed by fans

It is obvious that Lilian Garcia has not been in a happy place recently because she has confessed that she dealt with stress-related vocal issues shortly before her performance at Tribute to the Troops.

This was a direct result of her father’s illness and the toll it was taking on the ring announcer. A vocal coach helped her sail through this period with encouragement and lessons via Skype, allowing her to enthral the crowd with her rendition of the US National Anthem.

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At the age of 50, Garcia remains one of the most iconic ring announcers and backstage interviewers in WWE history.

She has also been involved in several WWE storylines in the past, most notably with the now deceased wrestler, Viscera AKA Big Daddy V. In addition to her announcing and singing skills, fans also remember her for her signature in-ring botches making her a rather unique Youtube celebrity.  

Garcia remains on good terms with WWE’s top brass

It is quite probable that Garcia will be part of more segments with WWE in the long term future, as both Vince McMahon and Triple H are fond of her, and had greeted her with hugs at Tribute to the Troops.  

We wish both Lilian Garcia and her father, all the best for the long term future.

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