Liv Morgan invites male former WWE champion back to her hotel room; slips him a small present

Liv Morgan has been the focus of recent shows on RAW (
Liv Morgan has been the focus of recent shows on RAW (

Things have taken a turn on WWE RAW this week with Liv Morgan asking a former champion to come visit her hotel room. She also slipped him a present.

Since Rhea Ripley left WWE due to her injury, Liv Morgan has made good on her promise to take everything that means anything to The Nightmare. She took her ability to wrestle as the one responsible for her injury, she took the women's world title that she had to vacate thanks to a botched interference from Dominik Mysterio, and now she seems set on taking Dominik as well.

When RAW opened tonight, after previously having gotten close to the former NXT North American Champion, Morgan seemed ready to take things to the next level this week. She told him that he should not be with someone who forces him to call her "Mami", taking another shot at Rhea Ripley. Instead, she said that he should be with someone who called him "Daddy".

She then invited him back to her hotel room and gave him the room key to her room, saying that she would be waiting for him. He didn't turn it down either.

He was seen holding on to the key later in the night, looking confused about what to do. While The Judgment Day, with the exception of Carlito, seemed to think that he would naturally not be following up on it, Mysterio seemed puzzled about what to do through the night.

Liv Morgan's revenge tour has taken a new form on WWE RAW

When Liv Morgan returned from her injury, she said that she was going on a revenge tour. It appears to have left the usual idea of her coming after the title, which she has already completed, and has taken a new direction.

She seems set on taking Dominik Mysterio from Rhea Ripley as well and has been trying her best to put him in uncomfortable situations with her where he will end up choosing her.

It remains to be seen if that's what happens and how Rhea Ripley reacts.