Liv Morgan reacts to Dominik Mysterio's post after kissing him on WWE RAW

Liv Morgan retained her WWE Women
Liv Morgan retained her WWE Women's World Championship

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan recently reacted to Judgment Day member, Dominik Mysterio's post on social media after the shocking events that took place on the red brand show.

On tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW, Morgan faced Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage match for the WWE Women's World Championship. Despite being the dominant one throughout the bout, The Man couldn't dethrone Morgan due to interferences from Dominik Mysterio. Following the victory, Morgan shared a glance with Mysterio and grabbed him for a kiss.

After Morgan's surprising move on RAW, the fans were shocked as they didn't quite expect the former to kiss the Judgment Day member. Taking to his social media handle, Dom hinted at being worried after the unexpected kiss.

Check out Dominik Mysterio's uncensored post on Instagram here.

Morgan has also reacted to the post as she was seen liking it from her official Instagram handle.

Eric Bischoff compared Liv Morgan's character to that of Becky Lynch

WWE Hall of Famer, Eric Bischoff recently compared Liv Morgan's personality to Becky Lynch.

Following Morgan's victory against The Man at the King and Queen of the Ring, Bischoff spoke on his 83 Weeks show as he started off heaping praise on Morgan. He stated how great Liv is in her work, and is also gorgeous.

In continuation, he mentioned that despite Morgan having all the qualities, there is something different that Lynch has in her personality that is not her gimmick. He added that is what makes The Man stand out.

"There's something missing with Liv. I don't know what it is. She's obviously a gorgeous woman. She's in great shape. Her work in the ring is excellent. There's just something missing. And what I feel is missing in Liv exists in spades in Becky. There's just an inherent natural authentic charisma [in Becky Lynch] that isn't forced. It isn't a gimmick. It's just something in her." [8:48 – 9:21]

It will be exciting to see how things unfold for Dominik after Rhea Ripley gets to know about Liv Morgan's kiss.

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