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Liv Morgan reveals how other WWE Superstars really feel about her getting a documentary

Liv Morgan
Liv Morgan
Modified 29 Nov 2020

Liv Morgan was recently interviewed on WWE's The Bump (h/t Wrestling Inc). During the interview, she talked about the experience of filming a documentary, and how other WWE Superstars felt about it.

Liv Morgan's documentary will release this Sunday on the WWE Network.

"I feel like there's a lot of decisions I have made over the past year that have a lot of people questioning. These aren't just answers that I can come out with easily and say. This documentary encapsulates everything that has happened to me in the last 16 months, and most of those questions will be answered in the documentary, which is cool. I just hope people take away that you're not going to always be on top of the mountain. I just want them to know that sometimes, setbacks are okay."

Liv Morgan on other WWE Superstars: "When you don't get the spotlight, you feel so jaded."

One of the things that Liv Morgan talked about was the fact that other WWE Superstars were extremely happy for her, and she knew how difficult that could be when they might not be getting the same spotlight.

"I'm so excited that my co-workers are happy for me because sometimes, when you don't get the spotlight, you feel so jaded. Everyone, though, has been so nice and encouraging. I have people come up to me and tell me how excited they are to watch this."

Liv Morgan came away from the experience of filming a documentary with a few different ideas about her own life, and one of the things was that it was okay to take time away to give yourself a pep talk. She also admitted that there have been times in the past that she had struggled to be positive.

"I think I learned, personally - and it was something that I knew - but it's to have good and healthy self-talk. Not all of our thoughts can be positive, but I believe when you give in to those thoughts, you manifest in them. I was constantly battling myself by trying to be confident and having high self-esteem, but mentally, I was feeling the opposite. But I know that if I think negative and speak negative, I'll end up with a negative result. Your mind is just too powerful. Even if I have to fake it, I have to remind myself to be nice to myself."

Liv Morgan's documentary will be available this Sunday.

Published 29 Nov 2020, 10:25 IST
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