Liv Morgan's WWE SummerSlam match ends with controversy

WWE Superstar and current SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan
WWE Superstar and current SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan successfully defended her WWE SmackDown Women's Title against Ronda Rousey during this year's SummerSlam.

Since winning the title at Money in the Bank, Liv Morgan has continuously crossed paths with Ronda Rousey. Despite the two teaming together during the latest episode of SmackDown, they returned to become rivals for SummerSlam.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet gave a dominant performance. However, the match ended with a controversial victory as Liv Morgan retained the SmackDown Women's Title.

The match started with a series of shots from Rousey, followed by a knee strike to the champion. After regaining her composure, Morgan hit her opponent with her series of shots and deflected her rival's moves, but Ronda took command of the match.

Towards the bout's conclusion, Rousey went for an armbar which Morgan managed to take control of, and reached the bottom rope to break the hold. After locking in the armbar again, the champion changed position, which prompted Rousey's shoulders to be put on the mat. The referee then counted to three just as Liv tapped out.

After the match, Ronda attacked Morgan and the referee due to her frustration. What do you think will happen between the two WWE SmackDown Superstars following the match? Sound off in the comments below!

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