WWE Superstars and the pro-wrestling world react to Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather's match ended in a draw
Nithin Joseph

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather were the two people everyone was talking about this weekend. It was an event that no one thought would ever happen, as the 11-time boxing champion took on the YouTube sensation.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fans alike were at the event, waiting to see what the outcome of the spectacle would be. Many wanted to see Floyd get knocked out and many were hoping he could continue his undefeated streak.

To the disappointment of many, it was decided beforehand that this would be just an exhibition match, which would have no effect on either fighter's official boxing record.

Nevertheless, it was an entertaining bout with both men leaving it all in the ring. At the end of eight rounds, it was decided that the match was a draw.

Neither man can claim victory, but they will surely be heading home feeling as though they have won the day. We can expect a few social media posts over the next few days from both Floyd and Logan, going into detail about how they won the fight.

WWE Superstars and the pro-wrestling world had mixed reactions to Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Being the worldwide spectacle that it was, there are many who tuned in to watch Logan Paul take on Floyd Mayweather on Showtime and Fanmio. This included a number of members in the wrestling world, as well as a few WWE Superstars.

Superstars like Sasha Banks, Sami Zayn and Omos all reacted to the fight. Even a few former stars and WWE Legends pitched in.

There were a few mixed reactions regarding the results of the match, but all agreed that it was an entertaining event. Here are a few of the tweets from the pro-wrestling world reacting to this once in a lifetime event.

"I’ll say this, @LoganPaul no doubt worked his ass off and proved a lot of people wrong, but if he never meets Sami Zayn, he never realigns his perspective, and no chance he goes 8 rounds with Floyd Mayweather. I’m glad to have played my part in this historic bout." said Sami Zayn

What were your thoughts on the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul exhibition match? Do you agree with some of these WWE Superstars and legends? Let us know in the comments section below.

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