"Love you forever" - Former WWE Champion pays tribute to The Iron Sheik

Sheik will be remembered as one of the greatest heels in WWE history
The Iron Sheik will be remembered as one of the greatest heels in WWE history

Former WWE Champion and Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter has shared a heartfelt message with TMZ after The Iron Sheik's passing.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik is one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history. The duo fought on several occasions back in the day, with Slaughter coming out victorious most of the times.

Sgt. Slaughter had a talk with TMZ shortly after Sheik's passing. The WWE Hall of Famer had the following to say about the late legend:

"God bless him. He's finally gonna see his daughter that he lost. Love you Sheik. Love you forever." [H/T TMZ]

You can check out the video below:


The Iron Sheik and Sgt. Slaughter had several classic encounters

The Hall of Famer duo collided on nine occasions in singles contests during the 80s and the 90s on WWE TV. Sgt. Slaughter picked up seven wins over The Iron Sheik while the latter won one bout, with one match ending in a draw.

A documentary named The Sheik was released in 2014, taking a detailed look at the WWE legend's career. Sheik had the following to say about the documentary:

"My life have a lot of the up and down. I am Olympic coach, world class wrestler, have to leave my home country of Iran to come to the America to live America dream. Most people only know Iron Sheik the wrestler. Nobody know how I become most hated man on the TV and how I become the legend of the Earth. This way my job to teach them how to become the real Iron Sheik class. My movie show people this." [H/T Bleacher Report]

Sheik was a former WWE Champion and a Hall of Famer as well. He won the WWE Tag Team titles with Nikolai Volkoff on one occasion. Sheik's legacy will live on forever in the annals of pro-wrestling history.

What was your favorite WWE moment involving Sheik?

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