New main roster star heaps praise on Randy Orton for his guidance in WWE [Exclusive]

Randy Orton is a veteran in WWE (Credit: WWE)
Randy Orton is a veteran in WWE (Credit: WWE)

Mansoor has spoken of his appreciation for Randy Orton after making his debut on the main roster in WWE.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Rick Ucchino, the newest member of the Monday Night Raw roster had nothing but positive things to say about The Viper. Mansoor revealed Orton has been "incredibly approachable and kind" since his arrival in WWE.

Mansoor also said Randy Orton has offered him constructive feedback after his matches and appearances in WWE. The Saudi-Arabian star was enjoying an unprecedented 49-0 streak with the company, before outside interference from Humberto Carrillo during his match with Sheamus robbed the beloved zero from his record.

Here's what Mansoor had to say about his relationship with Randy Orton:

"Someone who has been really, really generous to me has been Randy Orton. He’s someone who… it’s very intimidating to go up to a guy like Randy Orton who has done so much and accomplished so much in WWE. And he’s just so incredibly approachable and kind and always offers honest feedback. Most of the locker room has been really amazing about that, you know? After my matches or after anything, I’ll go to the back and anybody who is watching the monitor, I’ll always ask them how I did and, you know, and Randy’s been great for that."

Before the pandemic, Mansoor enjoyed considerable success performing in his home country of Saudi Arabia during WWE's events in the country.


Mansoor praises Randy Orton, MVP, Mustafa Ali and more

As well as Randy Orton, Mansoor also shared his positive experiences with a number of other WWE Superstars, including the likes of Shelton Benjamin, MVP and Bobby Lashley.

Mansoor also praised Mustafa Ali, whom he said has been especially helpful to him:

"Of course, another veteran who I respect a lot is Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Bobby Lashley." Mansoor said. "Mustafa Ali has been really, really great too. He’s given me a lot of guidance and support. I mean, ever since I got to the company and ever since that huge battle royal, he was giving me a lot of advice and showing me the lay of the land. I have no shortage of support and I’m extremely lucky for it."

You can catch Rick Ucchino's full conversation with Mansoor in the video above.

If any quotes are taken from this interview, please credit Rick Ucchino and Sportskeeda Wrestling.

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