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WWE News: Mark Henry shares a backstage joke on CM Punk

3.86K   //    17 Oct 2016, 12:33 IST
Mark Henry has always been one of the better dressed WWE superstars

WWE 2K17 released this past week and has been creating ripples in the gaming community. Fans have been impressed with the expanded roster, DLC and above all, the improved gameplay options.

WWE is leaving no stone unturned to make the game reach out to the masses by organising interviews, press conferences and advertising the brand new game on different platforms. Mark Henry too joined the 2K17 bandwagon when he appeared for an interview with Esquire Middle East to promote the game.

When asked about his sharp dress sense and fashion in WWE, Henry said that he loved fashion. He said that he would often hand over the Esquire book to the younger crop of wrestlers so that they would be aware of the dress code that was expected of them.

He said that it was important for the superstars to look their part not because of the job description said so but also because it was important to present oneself in the best possible manner. He recalled a funny incident about CM Punk saying:

“You know, CM Punk hated suits and would refuse to wear them, but that went with his character. Although, someone made a joke backstage that he looks like a plumber wearing a suit. I think Big E Langston is the same! He’s got those wide shoulders, a real big butt, he looks like one an accordion in a suit!”

The World’s Strongest Man spoke fondly of Neville when he was asked if he would like to work with younger talent. He said that he loved Neville’s skill set and wanted to see him do better in the company. He said that he had also enjoyed working with Cesaro in the past.

Henry echoed the views of many when he said that Cesaro is a great talent and has been largely underutilised on the roster. He recalled a match between Cesaro and himself at a live event in Qatar where Cesaro was able to perform the Cesaro Swing on Henry. Mark said that he wasn’t sure if Cesaro would be able to pull it off but he eventually did.

Henry also shed light on the mood backstage with the onset of a new generation in the roster. He said that there was a ‘jovial millennial’ atmosphere in the locker room. He mentioned the Up,Up,Down,Down crew that included the likes of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston who were hard workers but also bent on playing video games.

Henry said that they played a variety of games like combat games, soccer and even the WWE 2K games. Henry also revealed that there was a lot of healthy betting going on where the loser had to do a hundred pushups.

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