"The closest I've seen is Cody Rhodes" - Mark Henry on how WWE star is similar to The Rock 

The Rock and Cody Rhodes come from a rich pro wrestling lineage
The Rock and Cody Rhodes come from a rich pro wrestling lineage
Nishant Jayaram

WWE legend Mark Henry feels that Cody Rhodes is one of the few wrestlers that studies the pro wrestling business as much as The Rock.

Rhodes and The Rock both come from wrestling royalty, with their fathers representing WWE and several other promotions.

Mark Henry spoke about The Rock's transformation in pro wrestling on the latest Busted Open podcast. The Hall of Famer said that The People's Champ studied wrestling more than anyone else, and very few study as much as him even to this day, with the closest one being Cody Rhodes:

"I've never met another wrestler in the business even to this day that studied more than he [The Rock] did. The closest I've seen is Cody Rhodes. They watch wrestling all day long. They're always writing something down - 'I'm going to try this later. I'm going to do this...'" said Henry. [From 15:18 to 15:35]

Henry said that The Rock meeting former writer Brian Gewirtz helped The People's Champion fine tune his character and push for WWE management to tweak his on-screen persona.

Cody Rhodes wants to emulate WWE legend The Rock

Hogan vs RockI don’t trust anybody who says otherwise. (Also, I answer this every time we do one of these ha)…

Rhodes wants to follow in the footsteps of The Rock and become a star that is loved by fans even outside the pro-wrestling sphere.

“I would say the next step is there already and it’s more about expanding upon the personal connection that a fan has with their favorite. That personal connection lasts a lifetime, The Rock is the prime example. The people who are fans of his are life fans of his," said the WWE Superstar.

Since his return to the company, the American Nightmare has been well received by fans and is on the way to become the top babyface in the company. It also seems like he's destined to become a world champion soon and follow the path paved by the likes of The Rock.

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