Matt Cardona comments on reported WWE bound star's decision to leave top promotion

Matt Cardona is a former WWE Superstar.
Matt Cardona is a former WWE Superstar.

With reports suggesting that ex-NWA star Nick Aldis may be on his way to WWE, his former colleague Matt Cardona (a.k.a Zack Ryder) has commented on why the 36-year-old star has left his current promotion.

Cardona and Aldis are both former NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) World Champions. Nick recently made it public that he would not be re-signing with the company after having been the face of the promotion for the past five years.

Speaking to Wrestling News, Cardona was asked to share his thoughts on the English star leaving NWA and how it may affect him both personally and professionally.

"When you thought of the NWA, you thought of Nick Aldis. Him and I never really got to have our final battle. I got injured at Alwayz Ready. Nick is a top-tier athlete, top-tier performer. I have all the respect in the world for him. Why he left, I mean, that’s his business, but it doesn’t affect me personally or professionally, so I really don’t give a damn." H/T Wrestling News
"We want this one to be different!"While talking on this week's edition of #Unskripted, former #TNA heavyweight champion @RealNickAldis discusses his run as a part of the Main Event Mafia. Full episode: #TNA #NickAldis #BretHart

Despite never wrestling in WWE, Nick Aldis is one of the most experienced stars in the business today, and is noted for his 2018 clash with Cody Rhodes at All-In for the NWA title.

Matt Cardona may also be on his way to WWE

Much like Nick Aldis, the former Intercontinental Champion is rumored to be heading to World Wrestling Entertainment as well.

In an exclusive interview with GiveMeSport, WrestleVotes reported that WWE higher-ups are big fans of what Matt Cardona has recently achieved on the independent scene.

"I’ve heard because [of what] he’s done on the indies that Hunter is a fan of his. Cardona is not shy about being a lifelong fan and Hunter likes people that that don’t shy away from growing up in this business. Hunter would 100 percent take Matt Cardona back, but I don’t know if that offer has been extended." H/T GiveMeSport

Matt Cardona was signed to WWE from 2005 to 2020 where he occasionally had his moments in the spotlight. However many are hoping for bigger and better things should he make his return to the company.

Which WWE return made in the Triple H era have you enjoyed the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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