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Matt Cardona fka Zack Ryder reveals if WWE resented him for getting himself over

Zack Ryder in WWE
Zack Ryder in WWE
Modified 29 Aug 2020, 17:43 IST

Zack Ryder, now known as Matt Cardona, was released by WWE back in mid-April thanks to WWE's cost-cutting measures. Now, he is slowly establishing himself in AEW, and will be a major part of the promotion going forward. However, recently, during an interview on The Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast, he talked about his early run in WWE, where he got himself popular and answered the question if WWE resented him for getting over by himself with the fans.

Zack Ryder on if WWE resented him

Zack Ryder admitted that he was not sure if WWE resented him or not but he wanted to put the past behind him. He talked about how he was put on WWE television and that helped him.

"Here's the thing, who knows, right? People speculated at times, even I speculated, but there's no proof of that," Cardona noted. "At the end of the day, I was given an opportunity. I was put on TV because for the longest time, I was doing the YouTube show, selling all this merch without getting the opportunity, and then I was given the opportunity. So I was on TV. I got what I asked for."

Zack Ryder revealed that he did not blame anyone else for his run in WWE other than himself, as he did not take it upon himself to ask authorities in WWE why he was not being pushed.

"I won the U.S. Title, and then things didn't exactly go my way. You know what, I could have knocked on somebody's door and asked, 'hey what's going on here?' But I didn't do that. So I blame me. I don't blame anyone else for what happened in 2012. I don't live in the past and say what if. I try not to be bitter because what's that going to do? It's not going to change anything. You're not going to be happier. I think everyone's guilty of doing the bitter tweet, the angry tweet every once in a while. Of course, I am, but at the end of the day, what's the point right? It's not gonna get anything done. It's not gonna change anything, and you're not going to be happy. So who cares?"

Now, Zack Ryder as Matt Cardona, has found his place in AEW.

Published 29 Aug 2020, 17:43 IST
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