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WWE News: Matt Riddle says WWE hasn't signed him yet due to his Marijuana usage

Matt Riddle is one of the hottest properties on the indy wrestling circuit, but hasnt signed with the WWE yet.

What’s holding back Matt Riddle from signing with WWE? 

What’s the story? 

Matt Riddle spoke to the Irish Daily Mirror before his recent appearance for OTT Wrestling in the country. He spoke about why he thinks he hasn’t been signed by WWE yet, and according to him it’s all down to the same reason he left the UFC, the fact that he smokes Marijuana.

In case you didn’t know....

Riddle was a top prospect in the UFC before he was released from his contract after two positive tests for Marijuana in less than a year. Riddle had come into the UFC on the back of appearing on the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter TV show.

Since his release from the UFC, Riddle turned his attentions to professional wrestling. He has made a big impact on the indy circuit around the world, making a name for himself in the likes of the WWE affiliated EVOLVE and PWG in the United States, he has also made appearances across Europe with companies like OTT, Progress and WXW.

The heart of the matter

Riddle has become a big star, despite the fact that he isn’t currently on the WWE roster.

His laid back attitude coupled with his hard-hitting style has made him a massive fan favourite around the world. Many people expect him to become a member of the WWE or NXT roster, not if but when remains the question.

The only thing that really appears to be standing in his way is the fact that he continues to use Marijuana. 

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WWE has a strict wellness policy, with Riddle potentially at risk of breaking that policy if he continues with his Marijuana usage.

What’s next?

Riddle will continue to tear it up on the indy circuit, with him being continually booked in companies like EVOLVE and Progress, and making appearances for companies across the US and Europe.

He will be a big part of several indy shows across the WrestleMania weekend, under the microscope of NXT bigwigs Triple H and William Regal.

Sportskeeda’s take

At some point, probably in the not too distant future, Matt Riddle will become a WWE Superstar. The fact is that he is just too good for WWE to ignore him forever.

To think that he was a top prospect in the UFC, before becoming one of the hottest free agents in professional wrestling, is staggering, even more so when you know that he’s only a few years into his wrestling career.

Riddle would instantly become a big deal in the ranks of NXT, probably going on to hold the NXT Championship before getting a callup to the main roster. Riddle is a charismatic guy who connects well with fans wherever he performs, he may need to cut out his marijuana usage to make that big move to the WWE though.

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