Mia Yim details the text message she sent to her father after WWE release

Mia Yim wearing a bandana mask during one of her entrances
Mia Yim wearing a bandana mask during one of her entrances

Former WWE Superstar Mia Yim recently spoke about the text message she sent to her father last year after she was released from the company.

Yim has been wrestling for over a decade, and during that time, she spent three with the Stamford-based promotion between 2018 and 2021. Despite her natural athleticism and ability in the ring, Yim's run never seemed to reach its full potential, which led to her being released in November of 2021.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes, Yim discussed the text message she sent to her father after leaving the company and the response she got from her family.

"I remember a text message that I sent to my dad after I got released saying 'I’m sorry that I failed you' and 'I should have done better this time I’m 30.' Yim added: "He was like… “What are you talking about? Like you’ve accomplished so much and you weren’t even supposed to make it with what they were looking for, what they were hiring. "

The 33-year-old's father praised her accomplishments and motivated her for the future.

"'You weren’t even supposed to get hired, but you made it happen.' He’s like, 'I am proud of you for everything you’ve done.' So I’m like, that’s all I needed. That’s all I needed to hear." (H/T Inside The Ropes)
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Since leaving the company, Yim is now back performing on various independent wrestling shows as well as making a return to IMPACT Wrestling, where she once reigned as the Knockouts Champion.

Mia Yim believes she has achieved everything she set out to do

Although fans of the former WWE star would like her to reach the mountain top of the professional wrestling industry, it seems as though Yim is happy with where her career has ended up.

Continuing her conversation with Inside The Ropes, Mia Yim stated how she had done everything she wanted to do in her wrestling career.

"When I first started wrestling, I wrote down everything that I wanted to do. Go travel internationally, do Japan, sign a major contract, go to the WWE. So I accomplished everything I wanted to in my career. My parents were against me wrestling when I first started, so the big thing for me was to change their mindset and have them be proud of everything that I’ve done in wrestling." (H/T Inside The Ropes)

The 33-year-old is currently having a stellar run in IMPACT Wrestling. It will be interesting to see Mia Yim's next move in the promotion.

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