Mia Yim on how WWE Hall of Famer officiated her and Keith Lee's wedding

Keith Lee and Mia Yim used to compete regularly on NXT
Keith Lee and Mia Yim used to compete regularly on NXT

Former WWE Superstar Mia Yim has spoken on how the legendary Mick Foley was able to officiate her February wedding to fellow wrestler, Keith Lee.

Foley has been a strong supporter of Yim's for many years, from her days as Jade in TNA, right up to her final moments in WWE.

In a recent appearance at an online auction for Highspots Superstore, Yim gave details on how the hardcore legend wound up becoming an integral part of her and Lee's wedding ceremony.

“Mick Foley was our officiant which was really cool,” Yim said. “When Keith and I got engaged and we posted the picture up [on Twitter]. He commented, ‘hey, if you ever need an officiant, like, let me know.’ So I DMed him, I was like, ‘hey, were you serious or were you just, were you just saying that?’ He was like, ‘no, no. For you guys, yeah definitely. Let me know, I’ll do it.’ He is the goodest of good souls. Like, I love Mick so much. He’s the best.” H/T Wrestling Inc
I may be a little late to the party - but congratulations to @MiaYim and @RealKeithLee I have heard of a legendary wrestler who officiates weddings.…

After both Lee and Yim were released from their WWE contracts in November 2021, the two superstars moved from Florida to Texas to start the next chapter of their lives.

Mia Yim provides an update of her in ring return

Mia Yim has provided an update on when fans can expect to see her in the ring again.

Although Yim's 90 day non-compete clause is now over, the former NXT Superstar stated in her Highspots Superstore appearance that following her release from WWE, she admitted to wanting to take a break from the industry following her wedding.

“I had to take a break,” Mia Yim admitted. “I know my 90 days was up in February, but I had to take a break and not take bookings until March because I got married in February and then a week-and-a-half later, we were moving halfway across the country and I’m like, ‘if Keith is going to be doing the traveling, I might as well be the one at home getting everything together.” H/T Wrestling Inc
To those wondering why I’m not back in the ring yet.. February is a busy month. With the wedding and the move, I decided to not take any bookings until March to focus on getting everything handled at home first. So don’t worry, I’ll see you all in the ring in March 😈 #HBIC

Yim's release was one of many last year that shocked fans due to her in-ring quality and skills on the microphone. Given these attributes, she should have no problem finding a new promotion to perform for.

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