"I was a joke" - Mia Yim was unsure if she wanted to wrestle after her WWE release

Mia Yim is a former Knockouts Champion
Mia Yim is a former Knockouts Champion

Impact Wrestling star Mia Yim recently spoke about the time after her WWE release and stated that she was unsure if she wanted to continue professional wrestling.

Every year, several wrestlers are released or fired from companies around the world. It puts a heavy toll on performers when they are released from a company on short notice. Last year, Mia Yim along with her husband Keith Lee were released from WWE.

The HBIC had a solid NXT run where she was involved in major storylines and championship matches. However, her main roster run was lackluster. In a recent interview with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON), she spoke about the uncertainty she had after her release:

"A lot was going on in my mind... I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to in my career, everything that I set a goal for myself I’ve done it all. So, do I even want to wrestle anymore? Just with the toxicity of social media and with what I did the last time like I was a joke, I was a joke, so it was like do I even bother? So I took a couple months off to do things in my real life, but also to figure out if this is what I wanted to continue to do. It was a lot." [H/T - WON]

It's safe to say that the 33-year-old decided she wanted to continue and made a return to wrestling a few months after her marriage to AEW star Keith Lee.

Mia Yim talks about her break from wrestling

Once in a while, every wrestler needs a break. The life of a wrestler is mostly spent on shows and traveling. It is essential for superstars to take a break from such a hectic schedule.

After her WWE release, Mia Yim was unsure about wrestling and a lot was happening in her life. In the same interview, Yim talked about her marriage and what she did during her break:

"So [me and Keith Lee] got married, we moved two weeks after, bought a house, so a lot of real life stuff was happening. Keith, right after the wedding he went to work, so I am like alright, let me take a couple of months to kinda just hold down the fort, and get everything together with real life first so he doesn’t have to worry about anything and everything will be taken care of at home." [H/T - WON]
A whole match of @IMPACTWRESTLING knockout champions. May the best woman win…

Eventually, the duo continued their journey in the wrestling business. Lee is currently teaming up with Shane Strickland and is set to face Team Taz and the AEW Tag Team Champions at Double or Nothing. Mia Yim, meanwhile, is set to participate in the first ever Queen of the Mountain match.

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