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ROH/NJPW News: Former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin is leaving Ring of Honor

Michael Elgin, former-ROH World champion, is leaving Ring of Honor and will be continuing to wrestle at NJPW instead.

Former ROH Star Michael Elgin

Ring of Honor is going through a tough time in 2016. While the product is seemingly getting better and garnering rave reviews from the critics, their stars are being plucked by the WWE.

If 2016 was any indication of WWE’s plans for the future, fans can be prepared to see a raid of Ring of Honor talent in 2017 as well. 

However, WWE’s previous ROH signees were performers who were looking to sign with a new wrestling company. Michael Elgin, reportedly, is leaving the ROH on his own accord. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Michael Elgin is “finished” with Ring of Honor.

In a previous tweet, he announced that he wouldn’t be working for Ring of Honor except for NJPW shows. Elgin’s Tweet was as follows:

The exact reason for Elgin’s departure from Ring of Honor isn’t exactly clear. Reports suggest that the departure might be happening due to miscommunication between him and the company, some rumours also suggest financial disagreements. 

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Elgin might be dissatisfied with his current compensation or he simply might be looking to seek out better opportunities for his career at this point in time. It is worth mentioning that he isn’t currently without a job, however, as he’s currently signed on to a two-year deal with NJPW. 

Elgin also runs his own wrestling promotion called Glory Pro Wrestling. 

Could Elgin make the jump to WWE? There haven’t been any rumours of Vince McMahon or Triple H showing interest in the former-ROH World Champion, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be curious about how the big man would work in the WWE.

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