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WWE News: Mick Foley quits Twitter after debate with fan

9.20K   //    17 Oct 2016, 19:52 IST
Foley has been taking care of proceedings at Monday Night RAW as General Manager after the brand split

Mick Foley has been responsible for WWE RAW putting up some great shows over the past couple of months. Foley is one of the more beloved WWE Legends and he is highly regarded in the locker room by his colleagues as well as the talent.

Mick Foley recently took a hiatus from online social media site Twitter after a fan made their conversation on direct messaging public. Although the conversation was nothing as scandalous as Hulk Hogan’s comments, it painted Foley in a bad light.

Foley is one of those celebrities that loves his fans and relishes the opportunity to interact with them on a one on one basis. A similar conversation on Twitter turned sour when the fan asked Foley to give other women superstars in the roster namely Summer Rae a push rather than just repeating title match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte.

The Sasha Banks and Charlotte feud has been a prolonged one that has included the Women’s title changing hand three times already. The duo will be facing each other in a historic clash at the first women’s Hell in A Cell match. 

The conversation that was made public by the fan

The fan complained that despite all the hype surrounding Women’s wrestling, there were only two workers who were getting pushed. The fan also compared the scenario to SmackDown Live where all the women on the roster were being better utilised and getting better opportunities.

Foley was of the view that adding too many of the women superstars into tag matches will not help push anyone. He said that he did not want to repeat the mistakes of last year when the ‘Divas Revolution’ benefited no one.

Foley said that two women had main evented Monday Night RAW last week and were set for a historic match at Hell In A Cell. Foley reiterated that this match would be more impressive than anything that was being done on SmackDown Live.

After the snapshots of the conversation surface, Mick Foley issued a statement saying that he would not be indulging in conversations with fans by direct messaging. Foley also said that he would discontinue tweets for the remainder of the week. The statement said:

“Unfortunately, due to a fan posting DM’s that were obviously meant to stay private, I will no longer be able to communicate with fans by DM. This seems like I good time to take a break from Twitter. Catch up with you again on 10/24.”

It is evident that Foley sees the match at the upcoming pay per view to be a step up for the women’s roster as a whole. This does not mean two women beating each other inside the cell, rather it means an upgrade for the entire female roster.

And given that Charlotte and Sasha have managed to put on a show every time they entered the ring, a new setting inside Hell in A Cell is no different.

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