Mick Foley says his career almost ended due to former WWE star

Mick Foley made his debut in 1986
Mick Foley made his debut in 1986
Danny Hart

Mick Foley has revealed that his wrestling career almost ended after he faced Dynamite Kid (real name Tom Billington) in a WWE tag team match.

The British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith) defeated Foley and Les Thornton on a WWE Superstars of Wrestling show in 1986. Foley, competing in the second match of his career, suffered a dislocated jaw after Dynamite Kid caught him unexpectedly with his bicep.

The latest episode of VICE show "Dark Side of the Ring" focused on Dynamite Kid’s controversial life and career. While praising his former opponent’s in-ring skills, Foley recalled how Dynamite Kid gave him a "very quick education" in the wrestling business.

“I was excited,” Foley recalled. “I’m in the ring with one of my heroes, Tommy. I came in and I got a very, very quick education. Dynamite starts shaking the ropes like he couldn’t wait to get in. When he was tagged in, he sent me into the ropes and he didn’t so much clothesline me as he clubbed me with his bicep in the jaw, and that was the last time I ate solid food for three weeks. I didn’t know it at the time but he had dislocated my jaw. I almost lost my career because of that.”

Despite dislocating his jaw, it did not take long for Mick Foley to return to in-ring action. According to wrestling stats database, he competed in another tag team match for WWE just one day later.

How Mick Foley reacted to Dynamite Kid injuring him

Dynamite Kid also faced Mick Foley in a tag team match in Japan in 1991
Dynamite Kid also faced Mick Foley in a tag team match in Japan in 1991

One of wrestling’s biggest risk-takers, Mick Foley proved throughout his legendary career that he had a notoriously high pain threshold.

Unsurprisingly, the 2013 WWE Hall of Famer had no issues with Dynamite Kid injuring him during their match.

“There were no hard feelings,” Mick Foley added. “I said it was such an honor being in there with you guys, shook their hands, and went back to my hotel room and threw up in the toilet.”

Dynamite Kid passed away on his 60th birthday in 2018. The former WWE Tag Team Champion was in a wheelchair from the age of 40 due to back and leg injuries that he sustained as a wrestler.

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