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WWE News: Mick Foley told fans not to vote for Trump

Aaroh Palkar
2.25K   //    09 Nov 2016, 13:16 IST
Foley doesn’t want fans to vote for Trump

RAW General Manager and Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley released the following message on Facebook telling people not to vote for Trump and specified the reason for it:

"Please, white American males, don’t cast that vote for Donald Trump tomorrow – at least not until you do one simple thing for me.

In order to be able to look at myself in the mirror on November 9th when we all wake up to a new President-elect, I have to know that I tried to do SOMETHING, to prevent this particular WWE Hall of Famer from attaining the highest office in the land"

Foley then went on further discussing his fear of 'Kristallnacht', Kristallnacht or “the night of the broken glass” was a riot that was orchestrated by the Sturmabteilung and the German citizens which resulted in the destruction of Jewish homes, hospitals, and schools.

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Hundreds of Jewish people were killed and around 30,000 were rounded up and sent to detention camps. The German government remained silent during the entire event. 

Foley in his message said that he was not comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler, but felt that Trump's reign could build-up an atmosphere of intolerance which could lead to events like Kristallnacht.

Foley wrote the following:

"Would anyone really be shocked if there was coordinated violence in Muslim neighbourhoods? In the wake of such an incident, could we honestly expect swift and decisive action from President Trump? Could anyone witness such potential violence think "how could this possibly happen in America?"

Foley mentioned further that those who didn't learn their mistakes through history were cursed to commit the same. Thus, telling people not to vote for an individual like Trump, who, according to Foley, did not care about the history and did not respect people because he didn't find them worthy of it. 


Foley said that what terrified him about Trump's presidency was that Trump, as a leader, was the Anti-Thesis of Abraham Lincoln, who believed in "the better angels of our nature".

While Trump, accordingly to Foley, seemed to encourage "the very worst in human nature, welcomed it under the guise of greatness and lets it know that it had a home in Donald Trump's America."

Foley ended the message with lyrics from the Marvin Gaye song "Baby Don't You Do It" and wished everyone a happy election day. At the end of the message, Foley said that comments and opinions were welcome, but advised people to be respectful. 

In conclusion, Foley probably wanted to get this message off his chest, but he might have to eat his words now as Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States. 

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