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WWE News: Mick Foley to get hip surgery

Mick Foley is scheduled to have hip surgery, so we won't be seeing him on Raw to end 2016.

General Manager Mick Foley is not expected to be on Raw in the next couple of weeks

Mick Foley has sustained a lot of injuries in his legendary career. He’s suffered broken ribs, multiple concussions, internal bleeding, having two-thirds of his ear ripped off, and many other devastating injuries, but this time he will be taking some time off to address a medical issue.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Wrestling Observer Radio, Foley will not be on Raw for the next two weeks and is not scheduled to return until January 2nd of the new year. He is taking time off to get hip replacement surgery and for rehabilitation following the procedure.

He was supposed to take the Monday Night Raw off heading into Roadblock: End of the Line and presumably miss the PPV as well, but he stuck around to get the angle involving Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman over by way of making appearances.

Here’s a video of Foley’s promo with Sami Zayn on last week’s edition of Raw:

This comes after Zayn addressed his issues with Foley on the post-Raw show “Raw Talk” and said that he still had problems with Foley’s over protectiveness and interference in his career.

This also comes as the anticipation to the inevitable match between Triple H and Seth Rollins is beginning to increase in intensity and an appearance from the COO is expected on Raw very soon.

If any of these storylines reach a significant point or something important happens, it won’t be until Foley’s projected return on January 2nd when he would be able to deal with the storyline progressions.

However, after January 2nd, Foley is expected to take more time off to recover from the surgery.

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If the company has allowed him to take this time off for surgery, but wish for him to come back for the first Raw of 2017, then it’s likely that a big angle is being planned for that show and that Foley’s presence would factor into whatever they decide to go with.

As the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Foley has also involved himself in storylines at every level of the show including the main event scene.

Case in point being when he saved Seth Rollins from being suspended by Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and booked him for the main event of Clash of Champions; the first Raw exclusive PPV of the 2016 Brand Split.

Foley was introduced as the General Manager back in July when both Stephanie and Shane McMahon named their authority figures and the show formats that they wished their perspective brands to operate on.

Some interesting things seem to be in store on the road to WrestleMania. 

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